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Logo & Graphic Design
Visual identity. Logo application. Book of graphics standards. Promotional material. Business papers. Catalogue. Design of labels, packaging and packaging. Branding of windows, stands, marketing material for social networks, printed and digital material.
Promo Photos
Professional photography for advertising campaigns & social networks. Presentation of products and services. Video recording and editing. Using Profesional lighting in my studio in New Belgrade area.
Social Networks Mngmnt
Marketing Analysis & Plan. Using Meta Business tools. Ads managemet and copyright. Competitive pages research.
Wordpress Websites
A simple solution for a small business, with a small budget. If you need a professional service and a more demanding website, I recommend ivapix.com

A logo is an instant communication, whose shape should be easily remembered after one second of viewing. In practice, there are several types of logos. For each business, we think in advance which type of logo is the most suitablesuitable and you should have an ideaan idea in advance whether the logo should contain letterformsletterforms ie. the name of a company or brand (or person) or a signsign (pictogram, icon) is a more ideal solution, or a combination of both.

Business papers, catalogs, promotional photos and promotional material, books, leaflets, banners and practically everything that belongs to the part of visual identity can be found in the gallery below. By clicking on the selected element from the portfolio, you get a more detailed view.

Graphic design

CatalogsCatalog for Esthemax
Stand designStand design for Ksilk Keratin
Stand designStand design for Esthemax
Packaging designDrink Coffee
Packaging designPacking for ratluk
CatalogsCatalogue for Salon photography Village
CatalogsCatalog for Xylk Keratin
Promo materialAnable Basin Sailing
Promo materialSound River Studios
Promo materialFlyer
CatalogsInternational Salon of Art Photography Smederevo 2014
CatalogsInternational Salon of Art Photography Smederevo 2017
CatalogsInternational Salon of Art Photography Smederevo 2018
CatalogsInternational Salon of Art Photography Smederevo 2019
Promo photosPhotos of Food
Promo photosPhotos for Swing the Beat
Promo photosPhotos for Stylish Stationery
Promo materialKsilk Keratin
CatalogsInternational Salon of Art Photography Smederevo 2020
BooksBook about Mostar
Promo materialEasy Car
BooksMonograph Miroslav Lazović
Promo photosPhotos for Irina
Promo photosPhotos for BG Bird
By clicking on one of the images from the gallery, you will go straight to the site I made for some of my clients. Tiyana.net is my site dedicated to photography.

Wordpress websites