Visual Identity
Redesign of an old or completely new logo and everything that goes with it - business cards, brochures, folders, bags, branding of windows, walls, stand design.
Promo photography
Present yourself, your service or product in the best possible way. Showcase your brand with professional photos, because you are the professionals.
Catalog & Book
A well-designed catalog is revisited, displayed, saved and shelved. It is your personal stamp and shows your professional approach.
Wordpress site
Wordpress is ideal platform for small brands and projects, for those who need a fast, simple and elegant solution. Complete site in 7 days.
Starting your business from scratch? You only have an idea and you don't know what you need to present it clearly and attractively to others?

4 things you need are:

The logo is the basis of everything. It defines the path of the further visual solution of your brand.
With photos, you can create a marketing strategy, present your product on paper and on the Internet.
Social networks. Marketing material - perhaps one of the most important strategies for market dominance.
Wordpress site. Ideal for fast & easy content changes and updates. Wix and Squarespace alternatives.
How much does it cost

Design and Photography Services

850-1050 net
trend research
idea development
7 days deadline
3 corrections
vector file
160-900 net
variable scope of the work
photos for the online shop
photos for Instagram
business portraits
studio photography
Catalog / Book
30-1000 net
12-30 eur per page
text break
organization of content
ready illustration
450-800 net
for small business
< 5 pages
social networks
6 months maintenance
agreement for further maintenance
Social networks
450-800 net
Monthly management
Marketing plan
Meta business suite
Campaign plan
Ads management
Still not sure?

FAQ questions and answers

How many types of logos are there?
Since design is constantly evolving, I have not found uniform information about the types of logos. But from my practice, through work and experience, I distinguish three types of logos and several subtypes. Depending on whether they contain only letters or a pictogram, they can be divided into three types:

  1. Logotype - print, letters, font
    a) Lettermarks/monogram - initials (SBB. B92, Gucci, Chanel, D&G)
    b) Typographic Wordmarks (Politics - daily newspaper)
  2. Logotype (Letters) + Sign (pictogram)
    a) Separable combination - print/initials + sign, they can stand alone without each other, but also together (Air Serbia, NIS)
    b) Inseparable combination - print which is incorporated into the pictogram, i.e. the thumbnail/icon/drawing contains the print as an integral part and together form a whole with the print (FK Partizan, Lav pivo, RTS)
  3. Logo symbols/brand marks/pictorial marks - pictographic logo, icon, symbol (Apple, Nike, Tviter, Instagram)

What type of logo is ideal for me?
The ideal logo depends on the type of business you (we) want to represent and also how long your business has been in the market, and the brand name and several other factors. In short, if you are creating a new brand or startup, it is ideal for the logo to contain a full name of the company or brand name so that people will remember it. If it is a personal surname (law offices, craft shops), the serif font is outdated, but I think it instills ``the trust of old masters and crafts''. Moreover, a long name written in serif font is easier to read. If it is about initials or an acronym, I mostly use a sans-serif font, since the simplification of the name also requires the simplification of the font. If the work you do is descriptive and graphic, it good to use a recognizable pictogram. The pictogram is also an advantage when viewing on small devices because it acts like a button. An independent pictogram without the writing is used by already known and recognized brands as the ultimate simplification for instant recognition.
Do I need a WordPress site?
If you are starting a small business, want to present your services, products or yourself, then wordpress is a quick and easy solution. In addition, you can continue to maintain and modify it yourself, without having to call someone to do it for you. If you want to have full control over the content and edit the site yourself, WordPress is the platform for that. If you need a custom-made site, or an extensive e-shop, professional maintenance and seo optimization, then you need a serious developer, ie an expert.
Do I need a catalog?
Nowadays, in my personal opinion, the catalog has been surpassed. It is always better to invest in a clear website, with sorted articles, detailed description of products and services, than to printo out a catalog. I am not saying this only because of the current trends and the instant content on the Internet that we are used to, but also for environmental reasons and practical reasons too. When we browse the catalog, we often need time to find specific page we are looking for or we may have an additional question, which might be clarified for us by clicking on the button. However, when the catalog is good... and not only good but excellent... then all that I wrote a few words ago is irrelevant. That is why, when I design a catalog, I do it out of great respect for each paper and the color that goes on it, according to the purpose for which it is printed, and each element must be put inside for a good reason. Unnecessary decorations are redundant, too long sentences too. The catalog is a narrative that flows logically, so that when we open the first page, we don't want to stop flipping it and browse until the last page. When we close the back page, we should be full of new information and impressions. That's the kind of catalog you need.
Who does the photos?
Tijana Đinđić is a photographer, i.e. me. I graduated in photography from the Faculty of Applied Arts and my website dedicated to that is I've been professionally involved in photography for over ten years now, but along the way, I've also been doing graphic design as my regular practice after graduating with graphic design from the High School of Design in Belgrade and, I've never stopped doing it. Along the way, I learned and improved a lot of things through work, some through creative friendships, some through my own research and following trends. In fact, perhaps a creative environment is the single best way to thrive.